Southern Recreation Rebrands our Logo

In 1985 when we were kicking around the idea of starting our own park and playground business, we had a talented friend design our original Southern Recreation logo.

We were extremely pleased with the product and thousands of our customers over the many years have seen this on everything we produce and own-from all of our paper goods to our trucks, office and warehouse facilities to our company shirts. But as with all things, we felt this look had become dated. Time for a change.

  I wanted to keep the basic look of our logo and bring the look more current. To this end we are proud to introduce our new corporate logo. With this new logo came new corporate colors and our new tag line “ Play For All Ages” which really sums up the who we are and what we offer. To our many repeat customers, we hope you enjoy the new look. To our new customers, we are confident that you will find this refreshing and modern. Happy Trails and Play For All Ages!

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